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Why provide a guest guide?

Two main reasons:

Having a unique guide with bonus offers can inspire guests to book direct with you

If the guest has booked via an OTA, they may not be fully aware of your venue, the extras you offer and what’s around you 

Main Guide Features

Present essential information about your venue in one easy to refer to place for guests to access before and during their stay

Guests have easy access to your various booking extras in a non ‘salesey’ way

Illustrate your local recommendatins with optional offers that guests can redeem in person during their stay

A "what’s on" guide that can include your own, featured local events and configure specific google search results to ensure your guests are aware of the best of what's going on around you  

Use our inspirational 'day out' feature for guests to get the most out their trip with you and your local area

Guests can quickly toggle to present your guide in their preferred language

Options to add further automation to reduce your admin and provide friction free guest experiences like non room booking featutes and extras sales (talk to us about these useful extra features)

Ability to easily save your guide to a smartphone without registration or download. This features your branding not ours.

Owners are making the guide their own using a curation approach with various media from words to video for a guest experience to remember.


Accommodation Hospitality Users

“OH MY GOD! I love it, it's fab”
Caroline Newling-Ward of Lancombe Country Cottages & Lodges in Dorset, UK

"Looks great on the telephone! Good job, says the boss!” 
Gerard Bos of Villa Branca in North Portugal

"Love working with these guys!"
Karen Kelly of The Ivy B&B in North Carolina, USA

"The opportunity to have an online guide, including all your welcome information in one place, that a guest can save on their phone is great, a real bonus for guests especially when you can signpost other local businesses with agreed discounts. Our Guide is still in development, but you can see our progress to date here. We have a discounted brewery tour, and money off offers at food outlets and shops, and are in the process of adding more local businesses each week".  
Howard Bowes of The Hut, Holyhead, Anglesey, UK