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The Merlin Experience

The Merlin service draws on the Smartcation platform, industry expertise, advanced video technology and focused leadership to maximise accommodation hospitality success and help you become the business owner you want to be!

“I feel lifted” (Karen Kelley, The Ivy B&B, North Carolina)

“Your innovative service helped pivot my business” (Pontheolla Mack-Abernathy, Clevedale Historic House B&B, South Carolina)

“The Merlin service supports me as an entrepreneur” (Gerard Bos, Villa Branca B&B, North Portugal)

Merlin is available in two forms:

Remote Service

You can expect an initial detailed consultation to review the best options to suit you wherever you are with business development, challenges or opportunities you face. 

From there we work with you personally to build up your Merlin solution without leaving you to flounder with more tech to learn and more tasks to do. The idea is to help you play an important role in your Merlin solution, while we do the heavy lifting.  

Once your solution is in place, Merlin then starts to reach out to your contacts to stimulate demand and action from prospective, previous and booked-in guests.

Review and refinement are key to maximising the value of your Merlin solution. To this end, you will benefit from our collaborative style to achieve your goals. 

Remote Service (with site visit)

A site visit is an ideal way to generate all the material required to complete / complement your guest guide, web presence, social and email marketing strategy. 

We focus on ‘guest experience’ media developed from research and experience with owners across the world. Our approach uses drone and other advanced video capture tools to also capture the uniqueness of you, your venue and proposition. 

However, the site visit service is much more than footage capture including:

Business development consultation

Smartcation Guest Guide review

Packages / offers creation workshop

How to capture smartphone footage for Merlin to use for you

Check out our owner stories series to hear more about how Merlin benefis you and your business. 


We operate a non contract subscription for the Smartcation range of tools and services.