About Us

Smartcation was formed during the pandemic, which ironically gave us the unique opportunity to engage, experiment and focus on the big challenges of creating and running a direct bookings business with accommodation hosts across the world.

The challenge and prize is worth chasing for us, our clients and their guests. The above research and engagement continues alongside delivery of solutions - now also providing organic and evidence based results for all.

Smartcation was formed by Terry Morrell

Terry has a long history of front line professional services delivery and value creation through software innovation.  

He has delivered IT business change projects for global brands such as BT, Lloyds Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, First National Bank, Barclays, Transcom, Experian and many others. His qualifications include MBA, PGDipIM, PGCE and BA(HONS)

Smartcation is backed by the Gain Loyalty platform.